Verfasser: Rückriem, Georg

Titel: Activity Theory - at the End of its Era?




Reihe: Multidisciplinary Newsletter for Activity Theory, 1991, 7/8, 3-6

Ort: Berlin

Jahr: 1991

Abstract: Tätigkeitstheorie, Leont'ev

Beschreibung: The main focus of the First congress was to get together all scientists with interests in activity theory We wanted to know who is working with the activity theoretical approach in which countries and which disciplines, we also wanted to know the problems being worked on and the results of this work. It was our Intention to bring about an international and interdisciplinary discussion on the question whether this activity theoretical approach met the expectations of those who considered it to be the most appropriate paradigm to deal with the current pressing problems. As this question was answered positively in general - although there were quite a few critical comments - it was decided that this second congress was to focus on these pressing problems of transformation and change at the individual and social level. In order to achieve this, the proposal was to ground the evolving discussion in the work of Vygotsky, Leontyev and Rubinstein. However, as I am sure we are all aware, there have been a multitude of events aggravating these problems of transformation and chan­ge. I am not going to repeat the detailed descriptions of these events ranging from holes in the ozone layer to holes in the Berlin wall, all these events are widely known. I rather want to turn your attention to the meaning these events have for activity theory and our own work.

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Florian Grams & Ilka Hoffmann (Hrsg.)

"Sich vor niemandem bücken – höchstens um ihm aufzuhelfen" - Zum Gedenken an Wolfgang Jantzen

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Hartmut Giest

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