Verfasser: Brockmeier, J. & Olson, D.R.

Titel: What is a culture of literacy?


Verlag: Curzon


Reihe: Jens Brockmeier, Min Wang, and David R. Olson (Eds.), Literacy, Narrative and Culture (pp. 1-15).

Ort: Richmond

Jahr: 2002

Abstract: literacy, culture, scientific concepts, cultural tools

Beschreibung: The "discovery" of writing as a particular form of language has produced a revolution in the human sciences. Vygotsky and Luria suggested that the cultural institution of writing not only allowed people to think in a new, decontextualized way, but also drew attention to writing and language as the central "tools" of consciousness. As a consequence, the relationship between language, thought, and reality could itself become an object of rational reflection and, as a consequence, impinge on consciousness. In Vygotsky's Marxist view, the notion of consciousness and abstract rationality was a crucial parameter not only of cognitive and linguistic development, but also of cultural change, historical progress, and political emancipation.

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